The Cucas/Paper Doll Series confront feelings of vulnerability, rage, powerlessness, and loneliness.  They also go beyond my own experiences as a child. They try to project upon situations and circumstances that could happen to any woman growing up. Each work is an attempt to create a story about this, to establish a visual form of communication of what my personal relationship to the world is. Paper dolls and photographs from my childhood, lace, embroidery, weaving, and basketry all come together in a synthesis of textured studies of skirts, blouses, and garments.  Texture is “painted” with machine and hand stitches, for sewing is firmly associated with personal memories of my grandmother and all those women who brought me up. Each Cuca (Paper doll) celebrates my cultural identity and experiences of emotional struggle as a child.  These are small works, built upon layers of materials that invite the viewer to take the time to investigate and unravel their meaning.